Interfit EX150 MARK II


The Interfit EX150 MKII has been built from the ground up combining many of the features of the multiple award winning EX150 introduced in 2005. With 150 w/s the new MKII EX150 has more power then its predecessor and a newly designed polycarbonate body.Easy access to the controls ensures you can set just the right amount of light on your subject.

Each head features,user changeable flash tubes, switchable modeling lamps and Built in Infrared sensor add to ease of use .Available in two kits with a specially commissioned educational and training DVD to show just how easy studio lighting can be for first time users.

The DVD is full of useful tips on how to set up the kits ensuring you can expand your creativity.The 2 head kit has the ingredients of a full studio. With 2 heads, 2 lighting stands, 1 Translucent umbrella and a 60 cm (24") softbox with all required lamps and cables.

In addition to the 2 head kit, the 3 head kit has a small compact lighting stand for the 3rd EX150 head and also contains a sturdy bag for easy storage and transportation to and from location.

DVD included
EX150 MKII Head
Twin head kit

Three head kit


What the press have to say about the EX150 MKII kits

Best Buy: Interfit EX 150 Mark II Home Studio Flash Kit

Interfit is pleased to announce the EX150 MKII 2 and 3 heads kits have been awarded the American Photo Magazines

"Editors Choice Award for Best Buy Lighting Product ".

"For those seeking an affordable studio flash kit, the Interfit EX150 MKII is a brilliant solution" Winning this award for a remarkable fourth time no other lighting kit come close.

The Mark 1 version of the EX150 won this award 3 times from the Uk's largest photographic magazine, now the EX150 MKII also has the award.

Highly Commended : Interfit EX 150 Mark II Home Studio Flash Kit.

Interfit is please to announce that we have won another award for the EX150 MKII kit

"Ideal for photo enthusiasts taking a step up to create a first step in to world of the home studio only beaten by a kit at 4 times the price offering you excellent value for money".


Highly Rated : Interfit EX 150 Mark II Home Studio Flash Kit

Interfit is pleased to announce the EX150 MKII 2 and 3 heads kits have been awarded the Digital SLR Photo Magazines "Highly Rated Top Budget Kit ".

Replacement Bulb no's Watts
Bulb No : INT038 75 watt
2 head kit INT182

Supplied complete with

2 x EX150 MKII heads

2 x 75 watt Bulbs (INT038)

2 x Lighting stands (COR750)

1 x 60cm (24") Softbox (INT211)

1 x Translucent Umbrella (INT260)

1 x Educational DVD

2 x Sync and power leads (CIA332)

3 head kit INT183

In addition to the 2 head kits contents,

The Three head kit includes the following items.

+ 1 x EX150 MKII head

1 x All in one Kit Bag

1 x Compact lighting stand (COR759)

1 x Snoot (INT212)

+ 1 x 75 watt Bulb (INT038)

1 x Sync (CIA330) and Power lead


Both kits include an Educational DVD

Included with both of the EX150MKII kits, the educational training DVD is an invaluable source of information on how to build up the kits and learn the basics of lighting.

We show you how to produce high quality images from the EX150 MKII 2 and 3 head kits. We also show how to set up a digital camera for use with Flash lighting.

We show how the EX150 MKII kits can be used to produce excellent quality product shots, and how to produce the portrait like the one on the cover of the DVD.

In addition we will show you how with some accessories you can change the look and feel of the images you produce so you can be creative with your interfit lighting kit.


During the DVD we show the following items being used, which do not form part of the above kits, these items listed below are available separately from All Interfit main dealers. Each item is designed to enhance your experience with the EX150 MKII 2 or 3 head kits.


INT273 5 in 1 reflector kit with Arm and Stand.

Ideal for use with the new Beauty dish RF4999 or use with the Softbox in the kit.


INT210 Barn door kit

Add additional creativity to background lighting, by using the gels to add colour or light to the background


INT411 Infra red trigger

removes the need of the supplied sync leads and allows more freedom in the studio. Uses the in built infra red cell on the EX150 MKII heads.


INT412 Radio Transmitter

Ideal for use in a larger studio or when you don't want to use sync cables in the studio.


COR755/ COR756 Background support system

Will hold interfit background's.

Ideal for use with Digital or Film Cameras
Educational DVD included
User changeable flash tubes
Takes 75 Watt Lamps
Built in slave cell for use with INT411
Switchable Slave Cell



Fuse rating
6.3 amps
Bayonet fitting
"EX" Type enables all the current EX fittings accessories to be used
Output range
Full Power down to 1/1/8th power. Guide no 32m (96')@ iso 100
Modeling Lamp
75 Watt (INT038)

Colour Temperature
5600 K +/- 300k
Recycle time
1.5 sec
Flash triggering
Sync cable, IR-trigger, flash or test button.
Sync voltage
5 volts Suitable for all digital cameras
Slave cell distance
>10 mtrs (30')
User Changeable Flash tubes
Working Voltage
EUR 230V/50Hz USA 110V/ 60Hz
Correct @ April 2008
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