Seculine Zigview S2 Live


Zigview S2 Live is a remote release with an integrated viewfinder monitor. Using the viewfinder's image, its image is taken from the AV port of the camera, so the camera has to have the Live View function. It is connected by a special transceiver cable with plugs for the cameras AV and remote release outlets. Suitable extension cables, available as accessories, extend the range of the unit up to 100 m (110 yards).



The 230.000 pixel LCD offers a variety of settings. The image can be rotated by 180°, the brightness can be adjusted and the colour rendition can be changed to Black & White. There is also a four-step zoom function and the possibility to overlay various style patterns. An external monitor can be connected.

In addition, Zigview S2 Live offers all the release features which are known from the digital viewfinder: interval shooting, bulb shooting with fixed or variable time and motion sensing.

Zigview S2 Live can currently be used with these cameras:

Canon Rebel XT , Rebel XTi , Rebel XSi, 450D, 40D, 1D MkIII, 1Ds MkIII, Nikon D3, D300, D700, D90, Sony Alpha 350, Alpha 300.

Zigview S2 Live is supplied with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, AC adapter/charger, transceiver cable, video and release cable and protective cover. Extension cables of 5, 10, 20 and 50 m (16.4, 32.8, 65.6, 164 ft.) are available as accessories. There is also a separate camera head available on demand, that can be adapted to the camera’s viewfinder. This makes Zigview S2 Live also suitable for cameras without Live View.

The Motion facility can be adjusted with a variety of  tolerances and user settings to fire the shutter when the unit calculates motion has occurred in up to 9 areas of the viewfinder image. Unlike many motion sensors which are restricted by distance and their measurement area, the motion sensing on the S2 Live takes place over the whole of the viewfinder image and so can be over a wide area or sensing motion far into the distance with a telephoto lens.


Interval timing can be performed with either simple settings or a variety of sophisticated parameters. With the simple mode, you can swiftly perform interval shooting by simply setting the interval time and the number of images required. With advanced mode, detailed parameter and settings can be made to control the timer in a variety of ways, with multiple shots per interval, accounting for the Autofocus time and many more features.


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