Please note: Kits do not include cameras or flashguns




Welcome to the world of professional radio transceivers, a combined transmitter and receiver in one unit. The Titan Pro can trigger compatible cameras and keep the camera in a wake status, allowing the option for the camera to placed in position before the event. With the availability of four channels, photographers can trigger four different cameras or flashguns up to a range of 100 meters (320ft) from the main camera position.

Additional cables are required to connect to compatible cameras to trigger the shutter or studio strobes. Additionally you can trigger flashguns attached to the in built hotshoe without an extra cable.

Please note that Titan Pro will only be available in European countries Titan Pro is not available in the USA


Shutter release cables are shown below for Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras.

Titan Pro Shutter release cables

These high quality shutter release cables enable the use of two or more compatible cameras to be fired in synchronization with the Titan Pro transceivers attached, ideal for wildlife, studio and sports photographers needing to catch the action from different angles at the same time.

Each cable is 60 cm (24" ) long to enable the trigger to be placed near to the camera position. Available to fit the following camera manufacturers, Nikon , Canon and Sony.


item number

Cable fitting

Camera fitting

Nikon D70s/D80 Digital Camera
Nikon N90s/F5/F6/F100/F90/F90X D1/D1H/D1X/D2H/D2Hs/
Kodak DSC-14N/Fuji S3 Pro/Fuji S5 Pro
Nikon D90 / D5000

Canon EOS 30/33/50/300/300D

(Digital rebel)/350D(Rebel XT)/400D(Rebel)/450D(Rebel XSi)/500D(Rebel T1i) 1000D (Rebel XS)

Canon EOS 1V/3/1D/1Ds/1DS Mark II/1Ds Mark III/1D Mark II/1Ds
Mark III 10D/20D/30D/40D/50D/5D/5DMkII
Sony A100/A200/A300/A350/A700, Minolta 5D/7D

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