Interfit SXT3200 NEW


The SXT3200 is available in two highly specified kits, both available with a new educational training DVD especially commissioned to show just how easy tungsten lighting can be for first time or advanced users. The DVD is feature packed for both product and portrait photography. It also includes many professional tips on getting the best results from the system and setting up your camera.

The Two head SXT3200 kit includes an all in one carry case for storage and transportation along with 2 air-cushioned lighting stands, 2 SXT3200 heads, 2 umbrellas and power cables.

In addition to the above kit, the three head kit includes a newly developed background cloth and hook support system. It also includes a 3rd SXT3200 head and lighting stand to provide the background illumination.

The SXT3200 benefits from an extensive range of accessories via the “S” type bayonet fittings allowing most of the Interfit Stellar creative light shaping tools to be used. Of particular benefit is the new RF5000 ‘beauty dish’ for stunning fashion and portraits photographs.

SXT3200 Head
DVD included

Twin head kit

Three head kit

Replacement Bulb no's Watts
Bulb No : INT032 standard 500 watt P2/1
Bulb No : INT500 250 watt (when used with RF5000 Beauty Dish)
Kit's Kit No
2 head Tungsten kit INT114

Supplied complete with

2 x SXT3200 heads, 2 x bulbs, 2 x stands, 1 x Silver umbrella, 1 x translucent umbrella, 1 x all in one kit bag, 1 x Educational DVD

3 head Tungsten kit INT115

Supplied complete with

3 x SXT3200 heads, 3 x bulbs, 2 x air damped lighting stands + 1 x compact background lighting stand, 1 x Silver umbrella, 1 x translucent umbrella, 1 x 2.4 x 6m (9' x 30') Blue / Grey Background cloth, 1 x command strips support system for holding the included cloth, 1 x all in one kit bag, 1 x Educational DVD

Included with the SXT3200 kits, the educational training DVD is an invaluable source of information on how to build up the kits and learn the basics of lighting.

We show you how to produce high quality images from the SXT3200 2 and 3 head kits. We also show how to set up a digital camera for use with Tungsten lighting.

We show how the SXT3200 kits can be used to produce excellent quality product shots, and how to produce portraits like the one on the cover of the DVD.

In addition we will show you how with some accessories you can change the look and feel of the images you produce so you can be creative with your interfit kit.

Ideal for use with Digital Cameras or for Video use.
Educational DVD included
Takes 500 Watt P2/1 studio Lamps (Colour Temperature 3200K). Or INT500 250 watt when used with the Interfit Beauty dish RF5000.



Fuse rating
3 amps
Bayonet fitting
"S" Type enables most Stellar and Venus accessories to be used
Output range
Full Power only
Modelling Lamp
500 Watt Tungsten or 250 watt

Colour Temperature
3200 K
Working Voltage
EUR 230V/50Hz USA 110V/ 60Hz
Total size including
reflector & stand mount

Weight - Kg (lbs)
Correct @ June 2005
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